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basic requirements of the paper itself

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in order to complete this task you must write a research paper on an aspect of u.s. health care of your choosing. it is fine to choose a topic we’ve covered (e.g., racial and ethnic disparities in health care) and delve more deeply into that topic. or, you may choose a topic that we’ve neglected (e.g., the sociology of medical education or medicine and social movements). you must e-mail me prior to starting your paper to get approval of the topic.

thesis statement:

prior to starting your research paper you must hand in a thesis statement. that thesis statement must tell me exactly what it is you are planning to research. your thesis statement may change as you research more deeply. if that happens please e-mail me your new thesis statement.

the thesis statement you hand in prior to the final paper must match up (relatively speaking) with the thesis statement in the final paper you hand in.

1) the paper should cover a sociologically relevant topic in health care.

2) a thesis statement must be handed in and approved prior to starting the paper.

3) an annotated bibliography must be completed for at least three of the peer-reviewed journal articles used in the paper and handed in prior to the final draft.

4) the paper should be around 10-15 pages (writing more than that is perfectly acceptable) double spaced done in 12 point times new roman font, with margins of 1” top and bottom, 1.25” left and right.

5) the paper should utilize a standard research format (intro, thesis, support of thesis, conclusion).

6) the paper must include a work cited and be properly cited within the text.

7) the paper must include at least three scholarly, peer reviewed, journal articles from accredited journals.
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