sperical heat transfer

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an experimental boiling water reactor is spherical in shape and operates with a water temperature of 420k. the shell is made from nickel alloy steel (k = 21 w/m∙k) and has an inside radius of 0.7-m with a wall thickness of 7-cm. the reactor is surrounded by a layer of concrete 20-cm thick (k = 1.4 w/m∙k). if the outside heat transfer coefficient is 8 w/m2∙k and the ambient air is at 300k, assuming steady heat transfer:

1. what is the rate of heat lost through the shell?

2. what are the temperatures of the internal and external surfaces of the concrete?

3. if the reactor operates at a power level of 30 kw, what fraction of the power generated is lost by heat transfer through the shell?
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