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i have another project due tomorrow.
identify a minimum of two facility issues that occurred recently (2005-present) and discuss the impact of each issue on the facility, the events, and the industry as a whole. examples include improper maintenance of facility, facility failure, inadequate security, poor risk management, spectator riots, and/or overcrowding. include facility topic and outline for the project, why you are interested, address guidelines. what was the funding procedures for the facility? how was the facility approved? what types of amenities are provided at this facility? how does it compare with other similar facilities? what makes this facility unique or innovative? what hurdles did the city and/or franchise have to overcome to build the facility? what was the cost for the facility? what are the major sponsorship agreements they have in place? what major events take place in the facility (sports, concerts, etc.)

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due tomorrow
let me know if you will have time for this.
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