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the brennan aircraft division of tln enterprises operates a large number of computerized plotting machines. for the most part, the plotting machines are used to create line drawings of complex wing airfoils and fuselage part dimensions. the computerized plotters consist of a minicomputer system connected to a 4-by-5 foot flat table with a series of ink pens suspended above it. when a sheet of clear plastic or paper is properly placed on the table, the computer directs a series of horizontal and vertical pen movement until the desired figure is drawn.

the plotting machines are highly reliable, with the exception of the four sophisticated ink pens that are built in. the pens constantly clog and jam in a raised or lowered position. when this occurs, the plotter is unusable.

currently, brennan aircraft replaces each pen as it fails. the service manager has, however, proposed replacing all four pens every time one fails. this should cut down the frequency of plotter failures. the total cost of a plotter being unusable is $50 per hour. each pen cost $8.

when only one pen is replaced at a time, the data show that the time between clogs or jams leading to plotter failures follows an exponential distribution with a mean of 48 hours. if all four pens are replaced each time the plotter fails, the mean time between failures is estimated to increase to 96 hours. the time required to replace one pen follows an exponential distribution with an average of one hour. to replace all four pens simultaneously, the average time is expected to be two hours.

use a simulate study to determine which policy is optimal for minimizing the average annual cost per plotter. for each policy, simulate four months of plotter failures. use 0.10, 0.69, and 0.71 to generate the first three failures and 0.82, 0.76, and 0.35 to generate the first three repair times. use excel’s rand function to generate the remaining failure and repair times.
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