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a manufacturer of spray nozzles purchases a particular seal, called a lp-42, from three suppliers: shall seals, huller sales and crawf components. thirty percent of the lp-42 seals are purchased from shall seals, 20 percent from huller sales and the remaining 50 percent from crawf components. the manufacturer has extensive histories on the three suppliers and knows that three percent of the lp-42 seals shall seals are defective, five percent of seals from huller sales are defective and four percent of the seals purchased from crawf components are defective.

when the lp-42 seals arrive at the manufacturer, they are placed directly in a bin and not inspected or otherwise identified by supplier. a worker selects a seal for installation into a nozzle and finds it defective.

1 - what is the probability that it is manufactured by huller sales?

2 – what are some of the problematic symptoms involved in the above situation? (2 points)

3 – what could be the root cause of the defective seals? (2 points)

4 – what short term suggestions do you have for management? (2 points)
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