statistics- hypothesis tests and possible error

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your required posts this week regard the following scenario: assume that you work in a market research department. you are asked to write a report about a claim that 47% of all new car buyers prefer a four-door car.

for your first post, discuss how you could use a random sample to test this hypothesis. state the null and alternate hypothesis using the proper notation. state the formula for calculating the standardized sample test statistic, z. how will you decide if you should reject or accept the null hypothesis?

for your second post, describe a type i error and a type ii error. which error type do you think would be worse if a medical patient was being screened for a serious disease? discuss your reasoning.

for your last required post, respond to the examples presented by your classmates by agreeing or disagreeing with their analysis. remain professional and explain your reasoning you will not be given credit for writing only "i agree" or "i disagree."
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