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i want a stellar logo/brand for my new real estate company, busy beaver real estate, llc. the logo needs to be something people will remember as providing security, being trustworthy, professional, motivating, inviting, and happy; causes clients to feel secure and comfortable (like they will be taken care of with no hassle) and causes other real estate professionals to want to join my team.

i want a beaver to be a part of the branding/logo... i am open to creative ideas including a mascot or a silhouette.. i really like hand drawn work, but computer generated is great if it brings the right feeling to those who see it. also i would like it to be in black and white with the ability to add color.

what i have imagined as a possibility is a silhouette of a beaver with a house or houses drawn on the inside of the beaver, and possibly busy beaver real estate as well. attached is a couple designs i found online similar to what i imagine. (maybe your idea is better than mine and this idea just needs to be thrown out...?) the buffalo picture is really awesome and creative how they used the moon as the horn, etc...

price is negotiable
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