stock analysis task

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1) make a stock portfolio of minimum 5 stocks, max 10 stocks. you choose them as you wish, but i recommend stocks on s&p 500 list.^gspc

2) calculate historical performance (return) for the last five years compare to s&p 500 index.

3) calculate the required rate of return on each stock using capm. compare to the realized return over the last 5 years. for the risk free rate see. however you can use 3%.

4) calculate the current portfolio beta (use reported beta from google or yahoo finance)

5) what is the required rate of return given the portfolio beta? compare to the portfolios return over the last 5 years.

6) calculate the sharp ratio

7) why did you choose the stocks? i attached some links to investment ideas.
key words: stock picking, jensen’s alpha, growth stock, value stock, p/e ratio and market to book value. you may use other methods. it is up to your creativity.
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