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7–2 many years ago, minnow bait and tackle issued preferred stock. the stock pays an annual dividend equal to $6.80. if the required rate of return on similar risk invest- ments is 8 percent, what should be the mar- ket value of minnow’s preferred stock?

7–8 the stock of east/west maps is currently selling for $122.40, which equates to a p/e ratio of 303. using the p/e ratio, compute the current eps of east/west.

• explain stock quotation: from the stock quotes in, describe target’s stock summary section. please explain in detail the following:
bid and ask, beta, dividend yield, market capitalization). explain what these numbers indicate.
• value line report
a. using the value line report on nike corp
b. explain the following:
i. describe the business and recent developments
ii. first row of the report (price, p/e) etc.
iii. beta in the context of risk
iv. revenue growth, earnings growth, and dividend growth from investment perspective
v. all the financials (from the perspectives of investors and managers)
vi. will you invest in this company? explain
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