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part 1
complete the individual tabs marked “stock 1, stock 2… stock 5) by tracking daily prices of your stocks.
tabs are marked by week and days, starting with 3 (you won’t have to edit this since it will automatically populate).
start with week 4 – monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. you will have to repeat this for all 5 of your stocks.
use close price. (not open, high or low price)
once you have recorded prices for the entire week for all 5 of your stocks you can go back to the “main” tab to see the performance of your portfolio. the box named “weekly performance” has sections dedicated to every week that you will be working on this project.
you will be able to see the profit or loss on every stock and also, the total profit or loss on the collection of your stocks (also known as portfolio).
you will repeat these steps for week 5, 7, 8 , 9, and 10.
· you don’t need to track prices every day of the week. yahoo! finance ( (links to an external site.)) stores historical prices for every stock. so you can go there once a week, pull up the stock that you want and click “historical prices”. this will bring up a list of all past prices. just type in the ones that apply to you.
· note: please type numbers in the fields instead of using the copy and paste function to avoid errors in calculations

part 2
complete problems 1, 2,4, 10 and 12 on pages 278 and 279 at the end of chapter 6 of the text book. please note that this is problems, not questions.

save your answer in a word or excel document.
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