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rising demand for, clean, renewable energy sources has provided a tremendous opportunity for green power ltd., the leader in solar technology. its latest solar cells had both increased efficiency and lowered the cost of solar electricity. the firm estimates that it would be three years before its competitors could close the gap it had over them. green power estimates that its revenues and dividends will grow at an accelerated rate over the next 3 years, reaching 18% in each of the next 2 years, 16% in the third, before decreasing to a constant growth rate of 6% in the fourth year. its last dividend was $2.20/share. if the discount rate remains constant at 12%/year;

(i) what is the terminal price of the company's stock?
(ii) what is the current price (p0) of green power's stock?
(iii) what is the expected stock price next year (p1)?
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