strategic accounting analysis

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i am requesting you to research a relevant issue facing organizations today. such topics could be issues regarding compensation of ceo’s of publicly traded companies, analysis of a company going through bankruptcy, irs under political attack, risk taking on the part of banks, too big to fail theory, costs of clean-up to the environment, warranty costs of a recall, financial analysis of an upcoming merger strategic assessment of a public company’s operations, etc just to name a few. you must write a paper that ties the analysis to class topic(s). just to recap. this is really important to me. be careful regarding the paper will be using turn it in website. it has to be between 8 to 10 pages. quality and quantity. the subect of those topic is "strategic accounting analysis" the topics in the class it was about:
cost management and strategy, implementing strategy, basic cost management concepts , basic cost management concepts , job costing, activity based costing and management, activity based costing and management, short term profit planning: cost volume profit analysis, strategy and the master budget, decision making with a strategic emphasis, decision making with a strategic emphasis, strategy and the analysis of capital investments ,strategy and the analysis of capital investments, cost planning for the product life cycle, process costing, cost allocation, operational performance measurement ,strategic performance measurement, strategic performance measurement, management compensation, business analysis and business valuation. let me know the deadline is important for me and the quality of the paper
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