strategic business analysis

Project Description:

if you have not already done so, review the project assessment for details on how your final project will be evaluated.
revise all previous components of your course project based on the feedback you have received. keep a summary of improvements that you make based on feedback, indicating why you chose not to make some suggested changes, if applicable.
update components with any additional information you have gathered or insights you have discovered since the original components were written.
compile your revised project components into a comprehensive and effective strategic business analysis of your selected organization.
your final project should follow this basic outline:
title page
business strategy
leadership system
business model
global expansion assessment
code of conduct
growth matrix
options for growth
summary of improvements
copyedit your final strategic business plan, making sure that the format and citations conform to apa style. refer to your copy of the publication manual of the american psychological association (text)as necessary.
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