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i am in need of assistance in strategic management. i am to complete a case project that is due in in 3 phases. i have already completed phase 1 but i am not happy with the grade i received. i have attached a copy of my phase 1 project with comments from my instructor. during phase 2, he wants revisions to made to phase 1 when it is time to submit phase 2. after grading phase 2, he is going to grade it and give feedback. and if any revisions need to be made in phase 2, he is going to want revisions for that in phase 3. now phase 3 is a collaboration of everything; the only difference is that he wants a an (audio) power point presentation explaining everything that was submitted. please review the instructions below along with my phase 1 submission. lastly, the company that i am doing my project on is aldi grocery store.
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