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you will begin by creating a swot and bcg matrix. for the swot, follow steps 1-2 of learning exercise a on pp. 215-216 in your text. then, prepare a swot matrix for disney’s parks and resorts division. for the bcg, use the information in exercise e on p. 217 in your text to prepare a bcg matrix for disney locating each division where you believe it represents its position relative to market share and growth.

when complete with both exercises, write a short narrative (one page or less, single space) of your key conclusions from (1) your swot analysis of disney, (2) your bcg work on disney. in addition, include your conclusions on the parks and resorts division of disney as a result of its position in the bcg and the results of swot. make clear recommendations for disney’s parks and resorts based on integrating the work from the above models.

post your analysis and conclusions in narrative form to the discussion board
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