strategic management

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1.pick the current or a past president of the united states and evaluate his performance against the leadership characteristics discussed in the text. on the basis of this comparison, do you think that the president was/is a good strategic leader? why?
2.under what conditions is it ethically defensible to outsource production to producers in the developing world who have much lower labor costs when such actions also involve laying off long term employees in the firm’s home country?
3.who benefited the most from the late-1990s boom in initial public offerings of internet companies: investors (stockholders) in those companies, managers, orinvestment bankers? defend your answer.
4.discuss porter’s five forces model with reference to what you know about the u.s.airline industry. what does the model tell you about the level of competition in this industry?
5.when is a company’s competitive advantage most likely to endure over time?
6.what role can top management play in helping a company achieve superior efficiency, quality, innovation, and responsiveness to customers?
7.discuss this statement: licensing proprietary technology to foreign competitors is the best way to give up a company’s competitive advantage.
8.discuss how the need for control over foreign operations varies with the strategy and distinctive competencies of a company. what are the implications of this relationship for the choice of entry mode?
9.what value creation activities should a company outsource to independent suppliers? what are the risks involved in outsourcing these activities?
10.what kind of structure best describes the way your (a) business school or (b) university operates? why is that structure appropriate? would another structure fit better?
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