strategic management case study-airborne express

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i need answers for below questions..

the case study is "airborne express:underdog", you can find it in below link: from page (c96-c106)

so, the questions are below:

1.according to porter’s framework, what generic strategy was airborne express pursuing? was this a sound strategy in the context of the air express industry?

2.what were the strengths of airborne express? did it have a distinctive competence? if so, where did it lie? was this competency imitable?

3.was airborne’s strategy of using strategic alliances to expand overseas wise? what were the pros and cons of this strategy?

4.was airborne’s strategy of trying to diversify its product offering to include logistic services for clients wise?

5.why did airborne sell out to dhl in 2003? why do you think that dhl was unable to grow its u.s. market share, and subsequently exited the market in 2009?
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