strategic plan differences

Project Description:

during this course, you have learned the various aspects of strategic planning. strategic plans can benefit you not only from an organizational standpoint, but also from a personal one. in this module, you will explore the differences between the tools necessary to create an organizational strategic plan and your own personal growth plan. in this module, you will revise all of your project components based on feedback, and compile them into a comprehensive and effective strategic analysis of your selected organization.

learning outcomes

upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

examine how strategic planning can maximize the potential to achieve significant personal goals.
justify the importance of balancing strategies and policies.
compare and contrast the tools used to create a personal growth plan to those used to create an organizational strategic plan.
develop a strategic business analysis outlining a plan for growth for a specific organization.
path to complete the module

for best results, you may wish to follow the course author's suggested path as outlined below.

complete the assigned readings.
read theme 1: personal strategic planning.
read theme 2: balancing work and life.
complete task 8.1: discussion: personal growth vs organizational growth taxonomy.
complete task 8.2: project: strategic business analysis.
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