strategic purchasing strategies

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project overview

research three current articles on manufacturing corporations; focus on specific product purchasing strategies. determine how these strategies can support the highest levels of strategic planning.


summarize the key points in a three to five page paper in apa format, double spaced, in 12 point font and with a 1” margin. cite all sources. include:

•what are the ways in which a purchasing group can align with its organization’s strategic goals?

organization of the purchasing group
•what is the standard organization of a purchasing group in product-centered organizations?
•how would you describe the organization of a more strategically positioned purchasing group?

role and skills of a purchasing manager
•where has emphasis been placed historically on the role and the skills needed for a purchasing manager?
•how have the role and supporting skills needed for a strategic purchasing manager changed in recent years and why?

vendor negotiations
•what types of questions do you ask a potential vendor to ensure the right relationship between the two of you and the right fit for your organization?
•even when you have settled on a particular vendor, what are the advantages of establishing relationships with other vendors competing with the one you selected?
•what are the benefits of keeping the vendor involved with your business and its evolving needs?
•how might a vendor scorecard be an advantage in negotiations? what kind of information would your scorecard contain?

•reflect on the importance of the purchasing function to an organization. how can this function add value that supports the highest levels of strategic planning?
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