strategy and competitive advantage (project and presentation - pp)

Project Description:

list of industries

you may choose one of the following industries for your project on industry competitive analysis.

1. oil and gas industry

2. banking/finance industry

3. telecommunications industry

4. construction industry

5. airline industry

6. travel and tourism industry

7. health industry

8. higher education industry

9. retail industry (food and household)

10. hospitality industry

11. labor recruitment industry

12. any other industry of special interest to you with the permission of the professor

by following :

executive summary

1. introduction
- introduce your selected industry
- introduce your selected companies in the industry
(you should select two companies – one company is the focus of your study and the other company is your company’s close competitor)

2. industry indicators
a. size and growth rate
b. market size
c. products/services
d. profitability
e. capital requirements
f. entry and exit barriers
g. level of fragmentation/consolidation
h. customer characteristics
i. capacity utilization

3. industry driving forces

4. pest analysis

5. competitive analysis (swot) of the two companies (selected by you)

6. porter’s five forces model

7. industry attractiveness

8. current position of your selected companies in the industry

9. future outlook

10. references
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