strategy implementation and evaluation

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perhaps more important than choosing strategies is evaluating their effectiveness. decision makers are challenged with the complexity of gathering organizational performance data, reviewing results, assessing and analyzing the information, and making an informed decision on what to do next. this strategy management part of the process is all within the context of an ever-shifting competitive environment.
in this week’s critical thinking task you will prepare a presentation of an evaluation framework (consider figure 9.2 in the textbook) that may be appropriate for spirit airlines. develop a deeper understanding of review, evaluation, and control by completing the required reading in the textbook, studying the module lectures, and identifying four academic studies from scholarly journals that are relevant to the topic. please select studies published within the last three years.

your presentation should meet the following requirements:
• be at least 10 slides in length, excluding a title page and reference page
• include speaker’s notes containing 50-100 words per slide to elaborate on the visual/text content on the slide
• be formatted according to apa guidelines with a reference page
• be supported by four academic studies.
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