strategy planning

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there is only 3 questions , business level strategy and merger and acquisition strategies

the report should include 1000 words long and and make sure to run the plagiarism report , professor is very strict in this matter. not add any other sources or references.


1. provide your analyses to account for how l'oreal became the global leader in the beauty products industry.
2. what corporate-level strategies (pertaining to our bps course) played a role in l'oreal's growth? explain the roles of the corporate-level strategies in l'oreal's growth.
3. l'oreal having bought kiehl's, the plan was to bring kiehl’s to major cities in every region in the world. what are the opportunities and challenges in regard to kiehl’s being a global success, and what strategic steps should kiehl’s and its parent company take towards the above-mentioned plan?

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