succesful brands are built on successfull products

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in recent years there has been more of a shift towards more branding and advertising as opposed to focusing on product development, resulting in some companies having strong advertising campaigns coupled with a non-successful product.

these observations lead to an important marketing theorem: successful brands are built on successful products.
the belief is that without great products, great brands could neither not exist nor withstand the competitive market. in a short paper, answer the following questions pertaining to the theorem.
• do you agree or disagree (partially or completely) with the theorem that successful brands are built on successful products? why or why not?
• provide examples of brands and their products that a) prove the theorem and b) disprove the theorem. explain your reasoning.
• why do so many companies appear fixated on branding rather than on ultimately developing successful products? in real terms, how would you as a marketing executive balance these two marketing forces?
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