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defending issue of our time, what is political economic equality? social attitude, underline facts,

standard message, an american dream great equality and high tax, it’s wrong but it’s an example after

shock, factors, usa most unequal industrial nation 34 countries ten years turkey mexico and chilly

unequal, 0,4 is usa now, usa same as china inequality racial levels, poor starving other starve but

don’t die quickly, mobility is low in usa more than europe, inequality usa and europe document in

recent study, higher tax rate, usa tax rate for wealth are the lowest associate with economic growth,

wealthy pay most of the federal taxes, usa lowest proportion tax collection through the world, usa

40% below the average, final, consumer spent 1% of consumer spending, high percentage was in the

great depression these facts are related inequality: 1) high income level usa lead the world 2) declining

the income of the middle class.

motel theory: 1) conservative theory makes the rich richer 2) theory job creators, rich are rich because

they work harder and the poor are lazy and not smart enough, contrast in history: rich have been rich

and poor have been poor centuries, they want to keep the tax low, business growth spent money and they

create jobs and create history (example) great growth economy by gi bill,

political and inequality: based of salaries à income inequality wealth assist that people have people born

wealthy (citizen be to consider equal voice), modern of justice based on these ideas, affection

participation and fundamental right achieved by run in office, growing up in a poor situation will not let

you be participate in short line, wealthy person will have easier time, (to pay more money to access


causes for equality: political problem, the issue of income and inequality, post material, well educated,

stress of determent rejected upper class, middle and working class, lowest class collect stamp,

government supports under class with middle class no meaningful focus dominic liberal and powerful,

working class becomes angry, society program obama embraces these policies, forced it conservative

take over the house, free market compilation confusion to raise the number of spending contain for to

force income equality, people want job with benefit and create equality, by working classes.

being aware of your contacts compare to somebody else, pay all taxes in the country you’re in, most

american country pay their taxes and are expensive, only country with double taxation, connect of what

more competitive, gender equality.

find from job or not to be hired rational people who have job for good job, young men exceeded

expectation for technical skill but women with technical skill and soft skill.

being aware for your own bias and criminal records. for example president smoke pot ending for year

opportunity, even drinking and driving. sometimes people hire rich people with criminal records they

can hire a lawyer.

many neighborhoods are sad because they forced to get to private schools because there is no support of

public raises taxes neighborhood with better schools are better.
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