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in this papers (case analysis) i want to follow this instruction very carefully and, do not use the questions in the book and the online questions that related to this subject, i need you to use your own work it is very important. and no plagiarism.. no plagiarism.. no plagiarism.

for case analysis, you should include the following:
who, what, where, when and how. (must not exceed 3 paragraphs. a paragraph needs at least 3 sentences)
should be in the form of a question and not a statement one active decision-making entity should be the subject of the question

list alternatives
should answer the problem/opportunity from the perspective of the key decision-making entity. list at least three alternatives.

analyze alternatives
each alternative should be analyzed with the pros and cons. at least 3 pros and 3 cons for each alternative should be considered. pros and cons should be detailed with additional research if necessary.

the best alternative should be selected based on supporting data. the selection must be supported with a strong rationale, comparing the benefits and costs of alternatives with each other. rationale is not a repetition of alternative analysis

should address the required resources of time, money and people. must be realistic and feasible for the company in the case.

there are sample of the case analysis you can see it with attached .
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