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a case study
read the article, "a self service banking" from your textbook on pp. 52-53 and write a minimum 2–3 page paper that explains your thoughts and ideas on each of the following questions:
1. do you believe it is unethical for kelly to join first union national bank solely because the bank will pay for her education? support your position.
2. in the case, kelly inadvertently lets her new employer know she has information about some first union national plans. is it ethical for this employer to request that information and use it in an attempt to beat first union national to the market with new electronic banking services? why or why not?
3. would your response to the above question change if you knew that kelly was hired because she was known to have been privy to such information and this was a way to obtain it? explain. if this is the case, would kelly be acting ethically in providing the requested information? defend your position.
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