supporting rationale

Project Description:

write a paper of 4–6 body pages that answers the following questions, including an in-depth explanation of the supporting rationale:

what are the key legal factors present in the scenario?
what are the 4 elements of a valid contract? how do they relate to the scenario in question?
what is the objective theory of contracts?
how does the objective theory of contracts apply to this case?
in your own words but based on research and analysis of relevant legal concepts and cases, why do you think the court held that there was not a valid agreement in this scenario? provide support for your position.
are advertisements generally considered offers? explain.
how does this case differ from a reward situation in which a unilateral contract is formed upon completion of the requested act?
what recommendations (at least 2) would you make for a company considering an aggressive marketing campaign with giveaways of high value items? explain the rationale behind each recommendation.
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