swot analysis for coca cola

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swot analysis task

swot is commonly used as part of strategic planning and looks at:

internal strengths
internal weaknesses
opportunities in the external environment
threats in the external environment
swot can help management in a business discover:

what the business does better than the competition
what competitors do better than the business
whether the business is making the most of the opportunities available
how a business should respond to changes in its external environment
the result of the analysis is a matrix of positive and negative factors for management to address:

positive factors
negative factors

internal factors

external factors

the key point to remember about swot is that:
strengths and weaknesses

are internal to the business
relate to the present situation
opportunities and threats

are external to the business
relate to changes in the environment which will impact the business

task - create a 1 page swot analysis for your favorite business. after completion, please write a half a page summary about why this businesses strategy works or does not work.
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