systems and design

Project Description:

a) discuss briefly the purpose of sequence diagrams and state
(4 marks)
b) produce a sequence diagram for the use case ‘create supplier order’ in
the build-right system described above. a brief description of this use
case is given below.
“a list of all suppliers is displayed by the system. the proprietor selects
one supplier and the system displays the supplier’s details, creates the
‘partial’ supplier order, and displays the list of all building materials
provided by this supplier. the proprietor selects materials from the list
which are added to the order. finally, the new order details are
(13 marks)
c) produce a state machine/chart for the class supplier_order in the build-
right system. you may assume that objects of this class are affected by
the following ‘events’ (listed below in alphabetical order):
 archive an order – to remove the specified supplier order from
the system,
 cancel an order,
 complete an order,
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