taking a test for acc113-managerial accounting class and need answers

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1. using the data below from the financial statements of bali, inc., compute the company’s cash flow yield, cash flows to sales, cash flows to assets, and free cash flow. (round computations to one decimal place.) net sales $1,600,000 net income 176,000 net cash flows from operating activities 228,000 total assets, beginning of year 1,445,000 total assets, end of year 1,560,000 cash dividends 60,000 net capital expenditures 149,000

2. the following unit costs were determined by dividing the total costs of each component by the number of products produced. from these unit costs, determine the total cost per unit of primary processes and the total cost per unit of support services. research and development $ 1.40 human resources 1.45 design 0.15 supply 1.10 legal services 0.50 production 4.00 marketing 0.80 distribution 0.90 customer service 0.65 information systems 0.85 management accounting 0.20. total cost of unit $12.00
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