task automation paper

Project Description:

task automation project

write 3-4 pages on a topic chosen from below. include quotes to back up you opinions and provide valid references.

1.1. define the issue.

1.2. what the perceived value to employee/employer? who benefits?

1.3. what are the benefits to the employer? what are implications if employer denies?

1.4. paper requirements:

1.4.1. present the facts, usage, guidelines

1.4.2. provide employer view point and

1.4.3. provide employee view point,

1.4.4. give recommendation, timeframes, poc ...

choose one of the following topics:
general topics/ideas:

1. docker - http://docs.docker.com/

2. byod - bring your own device - what kind of issues does this cause? resolve?

3. social media: help or hindrance?

3.1. usage from the desktop

3.2. policing employee postings

3.3. scraping employee/future employee during recruiting process

4. patch management - malware/virus, how do we get ahead?

5. collaboration tools - wiki, chat, group chat, mobile cha - new water cooler?

6. application deployment - efficiency in the environment

7. msft group policy - what does gp do ?

8. local disk policy - backup and restore

9. usb policy - is this an opportunity? is this a trojan horse in waiting?

10. local administration vs remote administration ... do sa's have to be on-site?

11. network storage - costs

12. local storage - costs, reliability, liability (lost files, lost revenue?)

13. virus management

14. windows firewall management - blocking certain web sites (non-essential, legal, social)

15. email management - storage, retention, archive, compliance, legal, spam

16. usage of vm to reduce tco for an organizations

16.1. will firms like amazon, digital ocean, rackspace, and other off-site change the data center of

the future?

17. does mobile computing help or hurt the employee 'work-life balance' ?

18. does blackberry usage improve productivity? does it burn out staff?

19. work from home .... beneficial or detrimental? how to best leverage

20. voip ... beneficial or detrimental to the workplace? how to best leverage
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