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paden, who is single and has been employed as an accountant for 27 years with harper,
inc., lost his job due to company downsizing. his last day of employment is july 31, 2012,
and harper provides a $9,000 severance payment. the severance payments are based on
an employee’s time of employment. during the year, paden received a salary from harper
of $36,000. harper also paid $1,500 of paden’s medical insurance premiums.
in may 2012, paden, who had always wanted to be associated with a football team,
applied for the head coaching job at hawk university in iowa and, much to his surprise,
received the job beginning on august 1. in june and july, paden paid $4,500 to take
courses in sports management at the local university. hawk university is substantially
short of funding and paden paid $2,000 for entertainment expenses related to his job and
$500 for supplies. no reimbursement was received.
his salary from hawk is $4,000 per month payable at the end of each month. his
salary for december was not received until january 6, 2013.
on august 1, he sold his house for $329,000 and paid a sales commission of $14,000.
he inherited the house 20 years ago when his mother died. her basis for the house was
$37,000 and the fmv when she died was $50,000. property taxes for the 2012 calendar
year amount to $3,600, and property taxes were apportioned at the closing. property taxes
are payable on october 1. he paid $12,000 of interest on home equity debt of $150,000.
to move to iowa, he drove 700 miles and spent $45 for meals during the trip in july.
movers charged $4,150 to move his household items. use the standard mileage rate for
moving expenses for 2012 which is 23 cents per mile. he purchased a new house in iowa
for $150,000 on august 15 and borrowed $110,000. he also agreed to pay all property
taxes for 2012. real property taxes for the home in iowa will be paid on january 30,
2013, and amount to $1,500. interest on the $110,000 debt during the current year is
$1,475. to obtain the loan, paden paid points of $1,000.
he contributed common stock (basis of $1,000 and fmv of $6,000) held as an investment
for three years to hawk university and cash of $1,765 to the first united methodist
church. he paid personal property taxes of $435 for his car.
paden sold 200 shares of dell corporation stock on april 10 for $100 per share. his
basis was $145 per share. on may 1, he purchased 300 shares of dell at $89 per share.
1. gross income without considering the sale of his house or the dell corporation stock.
2. recognized gain due to the sale of his house.
3. net capital gain.
4. adjusted gross income.
5. total amount of itemized deductions.
6. taxable income.
7. basis of his house in iowa.
8. if the sales price for his home was $470,000 instead of $370,000, would his taxable
income increase by more than $100,000. if yes, explain.
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