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blue corporation, a manufacturing company, decided to develop a new line of merchandise. the project began in 2012. blue had the following expenses in connection with the project:

2012 2013
salaries $500,000 $600,000
materials 90,000 70,000
insurance 8,000 11,000
utilities 6,000 8,000
cost of inspection of material 7,000 6,000
for qualitycontrol
promotionexpenses 11,000 18,000
advertising -0- 20,000
equipmentdepreciation 15,000 10,000
cost of marketsurvey 8,000 -0-

the new product will be introduced for sale beginning in july 2014. determine the amount of the deduction for research and experimental expenditures for 2012, 2013 and 2014 if:
a. blue corporation elects to expense the research and experimental expenditures.
b. blue corporation elects to amortize the research and experimental expenditures over 60 months.
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