tcp congestion control

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the rule for management protocol tcp congestion control is that the main reason we are able to use the net with success nowadays despite resource bottlenecks and mostly unpredictable user access patterns. there are a unit completely different implementations among that area unit protocol metropolis, sack and vegas. we tend to use simulations to judge these management protocol tcp congestion control algorithms from several aspects. ns-2 is employed for the simulation. effective resource utilization, like information measure utilization, retransmission rate and window size, is compared. conjointly it concern truthful resource allocation from two main classes, one is fairness between completely different delay links, and also the alternative is competition between completely different management protocol tcp congestion control algorithms. the simulation results show that bias exists in each classes, thus factors might have an effect on the fairness also are simulated. this study tend to specialize in the result of various queue algorithms, like drop tail and red.
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