team communication

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minimum 300 word count

discuss what constitutes "safe communication" in the workplace between (1) subordinates, (2) between subordinates and supervisors, and (3) between employees and the organizational management
what types of talk need to be "safe-guarded" and why?
who is responsible for ensuring safe communication in an organization?

schedule an appointment for an interview with a team leader (business, athletics, religious organization, etc.) about his or her leadership style. conduct the interview and address these questions: (350 word minimum)
how does this team leader define team leadership?
how did this person became a team leader?
what types of decisions does he or she need to make in the role of team leader?
when does he or she intervene in a team situation?
how does he or she head off future team problems?
how does he or she balance task and relationship concerns?
what is this team's mental model of a coaching situation?
based on this interview data, how closely does this leader's behavior fit the components of hill's team leadership model? are any elements missing? would adding those elements make this leader more effective? how useful is this team leadership model for coaching? what leadership approach might be more effective and why?
what insights have you gained from this exercise that can support your leadership development?
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