technology in industry

Project Description:

in this task you will conduct independent research and write a short paper highlighting the innovative use of technology in an industry of your choice.


choose an industry that is using technology extensively or that is beginning to use technology in a much broader sense than ever before. good industries include travel and transportation, retail, real estate, finance, energy and utilities, and manufacturing.
conduct research on the internet or within an industry with which you are familiar to determine how technology is being applied in new or innovative ways. in your research, focus on finding out the intended business benefits of using that technology.
write a short paper, at least four pages (including a title page and reference page, following apa standards), that addresses the following:
introduce the industry and the technology that you have identified.
describe the function(s) of the technology(ies) being used.
discuss the it roles needed to operate the technology.
summarize the business benefits of using the technology.
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