telecommuting and productivity

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in this task you will evaluate your company's attempts to institute telecommuting for employees. if your company has not instantiated telecommuting, present a thoughtful argument why you believe they should or should not do so. in any case, you will be researching, from a management perspective, the pros and cons of telecommuting and the practice's effect upon employee productivity, employee job satisfaction, company profitability, etc. procedure 1.present a two- to three-page paper on your findings with regard to your own company's efforts with telecommuting employees. a.address, among others, questions such as “do managers differ in their opinions of this phenomenon?” or “can people be properly managed from a distance and still be productive?” 2.if there is no telecommuting in your company, do you think its addition would enhance or hinder productivity? explain and justify your position. 3.substantiate your arguments with multiple properly apa-formatted citations derived from appropriate literature. 4.include a reference list.
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