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term paper project and powerpoint presentation

as a marketing strategist, you currently work for domino’s pizza, which has more than 3,300 locations in more than 50 global markets. identify a country that domino’s has not yet entered and present your strategy(ies) for your proposed market. thoroughly define, explain, substantiate, and support your findings while including your conclusion and future recommendation. include in your paper a history and origin of domino’s. it is suggested to research the domino’s website, the class text, and journal articles, which can be found in the online fit library. wikipedia references are not acceptable reference sources.
next, create a print advertisement for your selected market and present as a microsoft word document. the ad can be presented in the english language.
within a 10 slide maximum, submit a brief powerpoint of the international entry strategies selected. it is not necessary to include the ad in the powerpoint. the powerpoint presentation will briefly highlight and summarize term paper findings.
please include the following term paper components:

research and identify demographics and geographics unique to the selected global market
calculate the size and trends of the market demonstrating the understanding of market issues including external and internal environmental factors
describe how your market analysis influences the global market (country) selected and value creation for the organization
describe how market choice will reflect the various strategies, trends, and practices for domestic and global markets. how will domino’s be influenced by these factors?
all written work must be referenced in apa format, i.e. cover page, running heads, table of contents, abstract, along with a minimum page requirement of 7–10 pages, not including cover page and reference list.

at least three or more references must be included. wikipedia is not an acceptable resource.

i have the online book version for your reference.

p/s i should have deducted you $50 but i did not for late submission so you should also consider that. thats why i am offering $100.
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