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the thank you letter is one of the most important writing tasks of your career. remarkably few people say thanks as they should. for that reason, a timely thank you letter can set you apart from other candidates or colleagues. besides, we all like to receive thank you letters, so that is sufficient reason to write them.

the opportunities for thank you letters in supply chain operations are boundless. thank you letters are appropriate for interviews inside and outside your company, visits to suppliers, visits from suppliers (now that would shock them!), visits to or from customers, and assistance of all types. (see the section on building the supply base in chapter 11: supply chain management of our text for ideas of the opportunities.)

during the semester we will have best and other opportunities for interviews. you may write a letter of thanks immediately following the interview. the letters should be mailed the next day – same day is even better.

our supply chain management student organization will have speakers. if you attend one of those meetings, please write a letter of thanks to the speaker.

write a thank you letter. no plagiarism at all.

i will leave the format up to you. please search for “sample thank you letter” in google and find an appropriate example. (after all, you don’t really want the recipient to receive a quantity of identical thank you letters.) i suggest you address the recipient as mrs. (or mr.) _________.

in the copy you submit to class, for privacy, please use the university address: 1301 east main street, murfreesboro, tn 37132 instead of your address.
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