the corner dress shop mini practice

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your task are to do the following:
1.set up a general ledger, accounts receivable subsidiary ledger and accounts payable subsidiary ledgers, auxiliary petty cash record, and payroll register. (be sure to update ledger accounts based on information given in the post-closing trail balance for february 28 before beginning.)
2. journalize the transactions, and prepare the payroll register.
3. update the accounts payable and accounts receivable subsidiary ledgers.
4. post to the general ledger.
5. prepare a trail balance on a worksheet and complete the worksheet.
6. prepare an income statement, statement of owner's equity, and classified balance sheet.
7. journalize the adjusting and closing entries.
8. post the adjusting and closing entries to the ledger.
9. prepare a post-closing trial balance.
10.complete form 941 and sign it as of the last day in april.
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