the effects of war and peace on foreign aid

Project Description:

use the internet to research the developing nation of iraq. your research should include an examination of the effects that war and peace have on the distribution of foreign aid.
write a 3-4 page research paper in which you:
1) assess the positive and negative effects that peace and war, respectively, have on the distribution of foreign aid in iraq. support your response with concrete examples of each of the results that you have cited.

2) analyze the specific actions that the leadership of iraq has taken, through the use of its foreign aid from donor nations and international lending institutions, to relieve the severe problems caused by warfare.

3) discuss whether or not the extension of foreign aid has successfully reduced poverty and the incidence of warfare in iraq.

4) use at least 5 quality academic resources in this task. note: wikipedia, blogs, and other nonacademic websites do not qualify as academic resources. resources must also be within the last 7 years.

when referencing the selected resources, please use the following format:
1) web text format: name of the author. name of title. retrieved from website url.
2) lecture format: name of the author. name of the lecture [lecture type]. retrieved from lecture url.

internet resources:
authors name, (date of publication). title of the resource. retrieved from website url.

your task must follow these formatting requirements:
1) be typed, double spaced, using times new roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow apa format.

2) include a reference page.
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