the first street community bank recently decided to adopt a

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the first street community bank recently decided to adopt a balanced scorecard system of perfonnance evaluation. below is a list of primary perfonnance goals for four major performance categories that have been identified by corporate management and the board of directors.1. financial perspective-maintain and grow the bank financiallya. increase customer depositsb. manage financial riskc. provide profits for the stockholders2. customer perspective -maintain and grow the customer basea. increase customer satisfactionb. increase number of depositors & customer retentionc. increase quality of deposits3. internal perspective -improve internal processesa. achieve best practices for processing transactionsb. improve employee satisfactionc. improve employee promotion opportunities4. learning and innovation – improve market differentiationa. beat competitors in introducing new productsb. become first mover in establishing customer benefit for customersc. become recognized as an innovator in the industryrequired:a. for each of the 12 goals above suggest at least one measure of performance to measure the achievement of the goal.b. at what level of the organization should the balanced scorecard be implemented as a means of evaluating performance? explain.
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