the internet is a survillance state 850 words and culture or any culture 4 paragraphs

Project Description:

prompt: essay: the internet is a surveillance state. mla 850

the essay you chose in your own short essay that answers
1) who is the aruthor?
2) when was the essay written, and why is this important?
3) what claim is the author making?
4) what kind of claim is the author making (fact, value, or policy)?
5) how does the author support this claim?
6) what is the warrant that connects the claim and the support?
7) overall, do you find the essay to be an effective argument?

-this paper is worth 100 points, representing 10% of your final grade. the following is the general rubric that your grade will be based on:

grammar, punctuation, and 10
grammar 10 points mla style
(lower order concerns)
addressed all questions 30 points
quality of analysis 30 points
followed all directions 10 points
writing style (higher order concerns such as development, transitions, organization, etc.) 20 points

culture reflection journal
you need to thoroughly view all online learning resources before starting the task.
for the task, you will write a minimum of four paragraphs sharing your thoughts on culture at this point in this course. most people do not ever think about their own culture as critically as you just have in this learning module. have your thoughts about your culture, or another's culture, changed after reading chapter two and viewing the reading materials for this week (nacirema tribe and nudist resort)? be sure to explain what a culture is, as well as the importance of culture on our socialization.
be as thorough as possible when writing your journal entry, and remember, no “text-talk,” no conversational tone, and above all other things… don’t plagiarize!! lastly, spell-check and proofread your work! failure to follow these steps will negatively impact your grade on tasks.
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