the need to improve parking facilities on campus

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i need to know if you could do this writing task for me ?
persuasive proposal 8 -10 pages
must not be fancy, kinda like the tone you wrote for me last time!
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we pay 10 dollar parking decal fee
recently, they extended the east parking lot(added gravel wich made it a problem, along with a sign(got knocked down because it was too close to the parking space). west parking lot they added a rail along the parking lot, which has kept the cars away from the sidewalks.
no available parking space for the students that commute(have to drive early).
(its tiring having to park by the gyms south parking lot, which tends to be half full on morning & empty on afternoons!
west parking lot crowded(some of the parking space too small to back-up).
west parking lot, campus painted lines not to visible.
road signs on campus are confusing, not enough, not clear & confusing.
west parking lot is flooded with water every-time it rains(bad drainage).
east parking lot-pot holes (around campus) gravel issues on extended parking lot.
east parking lot: signs not clear in and, out
west parking lot: sign is one way(infront of the building, but two ways from back of the building).

people violate 10 mph speed limit!
seen people that stay in the apartments violate the one way(its a drag to have to drive around campus) do not know if i should include this.
about every student violates sign posted!

need to analyse audience & purpose
internet sources limited to one. 3-5 additional scholary sources
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