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a reprimand is a document that gives an employee notice in writing that he or she has engaged in
unwanted behavior. the employee must be made to understand that the behavior could result in
an immediate termination if he or she does not correct the behavior. a formal reprimand is a
form of punishment at the manager’s disposal designed to “stamp out” unproductive behavior.
make sure a positive or negative reinforcement is included in the reprimand document to assure
the corrective behavior is rewarded.
in the form of a memorandum, you will write a formal reprimand avoiding the use of pronouns:
i, you, he or she. it will have headings “to,” from,” “re” and the “date.” the document
will have three paragraphs. the first paragraph will describe the incident using formal prefix
such as “on such date, mr. or ms. john or jane doe did not…” the second paragraph will
explain the manager’s rationale and the affect of the incident on the department or the unit. an
example might be, “mr. or ms. doe’s behavior resulted in $3,000 lost sales due to…” the third
paragraph will interject a required remedy to correct the behavior. an example might be, “mr. or
ms. doe will notify the immediate supervisor in the event he or she cannot …” it will have a
place for the employee to sign at the bottom of the document. it will have a place for the
supervisor or manager to sign at the opposite side of the document parallel to that of the
employee’s signature.
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