the solution was a failure.

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you worked on my marketing and i totally failed (50%) as i had explained had no references or graphs involved nor anything that connected to the question.
see my professor notes..........hello emmanuel: the paper was to be marketing domino's in a new country. i am not sure what you did - i see valencia, spain, but nothing really applying to the town or country. just general information - nothing specific to valencia in spain. you had nothing on demographics/geographics for valencia, spain. you didn't exhibit and flow for the main ideas from the applied marketing concepts to your paper on domino's pizza with your marketing strategy and type of products for valencia, spain. you didn't demonstrate an ability to analyze how global, economic, competitive, technological, and cultural trends have influenced the organization and its industry to valencia, spin, in you economic environment section (internal and external market factors). no swot analysis – with qualitative analysis. no graphics or color to enhanced the presentation of the paper. you had proper spelling and grammar in your paper. references were in alphabetical order. our textbook was not use for any marketing information – that was a must. again, thanks for the work. dr. cook

so let me know if you want to refund or rework my paper to reflect the missing points, i have until saturday to re-do it.
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