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1. what are some current issues facing poland? what is the climate for doing business in poland today?

answer: poland is currently experiencing some economic success, especially in preparation for accession into the eu. in 1992, poland was the first former communist bloc country to experience a positive economic growth. in recent years, its growth rate has actually been better than the rest of eastern europe, but has recently slowed considerably. poland was one of the first former communist countries to implement drastic economic reforms such as freeing up prices and privatizing government held organizations. this so called "shock therapy" approach at first had a disastrous effect on the economy and especially the polish people. prices and inflation soared, there was very high unemployment and everyone suffered. however, once these reforms took hold and the economy had "bottomed out", the economy did indeed turn around. most of the economic growth is coming from entrepreneurially-driven new start-ups. this is an important lesson for the other former communist countries undergoing a change to a market economy. yet, the price for this economic turnaround has been considerable political unrest and instability. this can be a very interesting case for class discussion in terms of where poland is now and how it compares to central european neighbors such as hungary and the czech republic.

2. is the canadian manufacturing firm using an economic, political or quality imperative approach to strategy?

answer: the company is using an economic imperative. among other things, it is looking to develop a strategy based on cost leadership and segmentation. the costs for making the product will be as low as possible. the targeted market for sales is eastern europe, the former soviet union, eu countries, the united states, and canada. notice also that the product's value is added upstream in the production stage, a prime characteristic of goods that are typically marketed using an economic imperative.

3. how should the firm carry out the environmental scanning process? would the process be of any practical value?

answer: the firm would begin the process by making a macro scan of the market in general. then there would be a micro scan aimed at looking for competitive products being produced by the eu and eastern european firms. this would help the company identify both target markets and product characteristics, i.e. is there anything unique about power tools produced in this area of the world? finally, if everything looked good, the firm would start planning for market entry. this process certainly would be of practical value because it would ensure that the entry strategy was logical and did not overlook any significant economic considerations that might cause the plan to go awry.

4. what are two key factors for success that will be important if this project is to be successful?

answer: there are two key factors for success (kfss) that are mentioned in the case. one is low price. the other is product quality. both kfss will be important if the firm hopes to make inroads in this market.
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