the trial balance of zoop co. shown below does not

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the trial balance of zoop co. shown below does not balance._div align="center"__img src="../image/images5/63-a (3632).png"/__/div_each of the listed accounts has a normal balance per the general ledger. an examination of the ledger and journal reveals the following errors.1. cash received from a customer in payment of its account was debited for $690, and accounts receivable was credited for the same amount. the actual collection was for $960.2. the purchase of a computer on account for $620 was recorded as a debit to supplies for $620 and a credit to accounts payable for $620.3. services were performed on account for a client for $760. accounts receivable was debited for $760, and service revenue was credited for $76.4. a debit posting to salaries and wages expense of $700 was omitted.5. a payment of a balance due for $309 was credited to cash for $309 and credited toaccounts payable for $390.6. the payment of a $600 cash dividend was debited to salaries and wages expense for$600 and credited to cash for $600.instructionsprepare a correct trial balance.
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