the u.s. government wants to keep track of information about

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the u.s. government wants to keep track of information about states, governors, cities, and mayors. in addition, it wants to maintain data on the various federal agencies and the annual grants each agency gives to the individual states. each federal agency is headed by an administrator. agency names and state names are unique but city names are unique only within a state. the attributes and functional dependencies in this environment are as follows:attributesstategovernor id numbergovernor namestate flowercitymayor id numbermayor namecity hall addressmayor telephonefederal agencyadministratorannual grantfunctional dependenciesstate → governor id numberstate → governor namestate → state flowerstate, city → mayor id numberstate, city → mayor namestate, city → city hall addressstate, city → mayor telephonemayor id number → mayor namemayor id number → mayor telephone federal agency → administratorstate, city, federal agency → annual grantfor each of the following tables, first write the table's current normal form (as 1nf, 2nf, or 3nf). then, reconstruct those tables that are currently in 1nf or 2 nf as well structured 3nf tables. primary key attributes are underlined. do not assume any functional dependencies other than those shown.a. state, city, governor name, mayor id number, mayor name, mayor telephoneb. state, city, mayor name, mayor telephonec. state, city, federal agency, governor name, administrator, annual grantd. state, city, governor name, state flower, mayor telephonee. state, city, city hall address, mayor id number, mayor name, mayor telephone
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