the university computer lab's director keeps track of lab usage,

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the university computer lab's director keeps track of lab usage, measured by the number of students using the lab. this particular function is important for budgeting purposes. the computer lab director assigns you the task of developing a data warehouse in which to keep track of the lab usage statistics. the main requirements for this database are to:show the total number of users by different time usage numbers by time period, by major, and by student usage for different majors and different semesters.uselog contains the student lab access data.student is a dimension table containing student data.a. define the main facts to be analyzed. b. define and describe the appropriate dimensions. c. draw the lab usage star schema, using the fact and dimension structures you defined in problems 1a and 1b.d. define the attributes for each of the dimensions in problem 1b.e. recommend the appropriate attribute hierarchies.f. implement your data warehouse design, using the star schema you created in problem 1c and the attributes you defined in problem 1d.g. create the reports that will meet the requirements listed in this problem's introduction.
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